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Hogwarts Legacy's most-hated quest just got so much easier

Hogwarts Legacy's most-hated quest just got so much easier

Hogwarts Legacy players have found a way to make the dreaded Demiguise statue quest easier and less time-consuming

Hogwarts Legacy is a great game, full of wonderful things to see and do, but it does have its annoyances, whether it be annoying NPCs you can’t kill, no morality system for using dark magic, or the dreaded Merlin Trials. In addition to these, one quest in particular has been driving players crazy, but luckily, it’s just gotten much easier.

The quest in question revolves around finding several Demiguise Statues, which are small statues often found behind locked doors. Not only are they essential to completing some of the game’s quests, but they also play a key role in upgrading some of the spells you’ll be using in your travels, specifically ones that open locked doors.

Collecting them all, or at least enough for the upgrades, is harder than you’d think though, as the player needs to seek out each one without any real indication of where they might be hiding. This has proven problematic for some players, such as thereddituser_com who voiced their opinion on the statues in a Reddit post. They said: “I HATE finding the demiguise statues. I’m being legit right now. They’re so hard to find. I will forever hold a grudge against this task.”

Admittedly, it is a bit of a nightmare to endlessly wander around the game looking for statues, but luckily other players have uncovered a little trick to speed up the process, which they were more than happy to share in the comments.

“I found most of them around Hogsmeade, around 5 in Hogwarts, and then for the rest of them I just looked at the towns around the map and checked if they have demiguise statues (it shows in the legend on the right) …. go there and with upgraded Revelio it takes a couple minutes at most to find it. There are more statues in total than what you need [to complete the quests]”

“You can look at the map in the open world and it'll show you which area/town has them.”

“Pro tip : use revelio every 5 meters”

That does make things way easier, and while there’s still some effort involved when searching, it at least narrows the hunt down to the right areas. It’s also handy that you don’t need to collect every single statue, unless you’re going for 100% anyway.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, PS5/PS4 and PC. A Nintendo Switch version is on the way, but has faced several delays.

Featured Image Credit: Avalanche Software

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