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Hogwarts Legacy's most annoying quest just got so much easier

Hogwarts Legacy's most annoying quest just got so much easier

We're a lot less annoyed now

As wonderfully diverse as the Hogwarts Legacy quests are, they sometimes get a little tedious. Even more so if you’re limited by time.

One of the most taxing Hogwarts Legacy missions is arguably the one where you have to collect Demiguise statues after dark.

Given how time sensitive the task is, it can prove difficult to complete.

Magic is all around in Hogwarts Legacy.

By using the ‘Animated Game Time HUD’ mod, you can keep your eyes on the time as well as on those statues.

We can’t guarantee you’ll succeed on the first try, but you stand a better chance of knowing when to start the quest if you know the time.

Created by DekitaRPG, this clock is designed to “automatically display the current day, date, and time of the game world”.

Although the developers added many details, they failed to recognise how useful such a mundane feature would be.

What is more, you can also change its colour to reflect your House of choice. It’s the small details that matter.

Here's a full list of its features:

  • Animated Display
  • Shows Automatically
  • Press Shift + T to Reshow
  • Window Color Based on House
  • Integrated in field guide
  • Configuration UI

“It's very helpful, thank you so much!!!!!” reads one of the many posts on the mods’ NexusMods page.

Another user said, “Thanks for the mod! Just one of those little things that should have been in the game in the first place.”

Be warned though, you need to follow the instructions given if you're to successfully install this mod without running into issues.

Can this mod save you from the embarrassment of missing out on a key feature three playthroughs of this Warner Bros game? No. But it could prevent you from embarrassing yourself further.

Hopefully, when the sequel is released, it will include minor but vital features like this one to ensure mods aren’t needed to fill the gap.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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