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Hogwarts Legacy players furious as new update breaks their games

Hogwarts Legacy players furious as new update breaks their games

The new update goes from bad to worse

It has been a few weeks since the summer update for Hogwarts Legacy arrived but fans continue to be disappointed by its lack of content and some have even reported it being unplayable altogether.

Earlier this month saw the eagerly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy summer update arrive across all platforms. Adding new cosmetics, a new quest and a photo mode, this free update had initially promised fans a lot of exciting new content.

Check out the summer update for Hogwarts Legacy below!

However, it wasn’t long before fans were slamming the update, criticising its lack of new content, measly cosmetic items and a photo mode that nobody had really asked for.

Now it seems as though developers Avalanche Software is in trouble again after some players have reported that the Hogwarts Legacy summer update keeps crashing the entire game and nothing seems to fix it.

One report comes from a user over on r/HarryPotterGame who said: “The summer update came out 10 days ago, and I have tried everything in the world that someone once described to get my game to stop crashing practically 30 seconds after I start it.

Incredibly, we have not received any actual game updates or any information at all from the developers.”

They go on to express their love for the game but it’s not worth even trying to play until this problem is fixed. As a result, they are “extremely disappointed in the developers” who are seemingly in no rush to offer solutions.

Despite uninstalling and reinstalling the game, turning off ray-tracing and restarting their PC, the problem still persists and it seems as though this has been quite a common problem since the summer update earlier this month.

Although Avalanche Software is seemingly not acting to fix this issue, it has confirmed it is working on a New Game Plus mode for Hogwarts Legacy. Additionally, publishers Warner Bros. recently teased a Hogwarts Legacy Director’s Cut which could arrive later this year.

It’s just a shame the game is currently unavailable to play for quite a few fans.

Featured Image Credit: Avalanche Software

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