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Hogwarts Legacy: Sword Of Gryffindor mod available to download now

Hogwarts Legacy: Sword Of Gryffindor mod available to download now

Where dwell the brave at heart

'You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart. Their daring, nerve, and chivalry, set Gryffindors apart.'

Harry Potter fans everywhere know Gryffindor is really where everyone wants to be. I know people like to try and convinced themselves they want to be Slytherins, or Ravenclaws, or even Hufflepuffs, but come on: it's Gryffindor all the way. Case in point? They have a sick af sword - a sword that can now be used in Hogwarts Legacy.

Take a tour of the Hogwarts Legacy houses below!

Hogwarts Legacy is a pretty awesome game, though not without its problems. Even so, the open-world adventure has sold a huge amount of copies and is already generating sequel discussions. But, if you can't wait for more, modders have you covered.

A brilliant little mod called Sword Of Gryffindor has been created by Nexus Mods user Arbek, and does exactly what it you'd imagine it should do: it brings the famous Sword of Gryffindor into the game for you to use. Quite why this never made it into the actual game is beyond me, but it feels like a massive wasted opportunity. Thank god for modders.

As cool as this mod us, you can’t actually use the sword to slice and dice enemies. I guess that would be a little jarring in a Harry Potter game, to be fair. Instead, the sword acts as a skin for your wand, so you can still cast spells. A fine compromise if it means we get to wave a sexy sword around. And heck, if you stand close enough to certain enemies it'll probably look like you're just hitting with the sword anyway.

As always, this mod is only available for PC owners, who continue to get the possible deal on everything. Am I jealous? Yes. Yes I am.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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