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Hogwarts Legacy fans baffled by secret entrance we've never seen before

Hogwarts Legacy fans baffled by secret entrance we've never seen before

Fans think they might've solved the mystery

One Hogwarts Legacy player has stumbled across a mysteriously inaccessible secret entrance that’s left the player base totally baffled.

It’s no secret that Hogwarts Legacy players are craving some new content. In fact, it’s simply surprising that Avalanche hasn’t capitalised on the game’s financial success with paid DLC.

Which of us wouldn’t like to explore as-yet unseen locations like Diagon Alley or the Ministry of Magic?

Then again, you do have to consider that Avalanche spent most of 2023 prepping Hogwarts Legacy’s previous-gen versions alongside the delayed Nintendo Switch port.

Thankfully, the first free major content update is on the way soon.

This summer, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch users will gain access to the ‘Haunted Hogsmeade Shop’ quest - a former PlayStation exclusive.

This will reportedly feature additional “updates” and “features” although we don’t yet know what they are.

I’d be surprised if a Photo Mode wasn’t included.

Summer is fast approaching so hopefully, we should get answers soon. Could we perhaps even get a shadow drop during Summer Game Fest on 7 June? Stranger things have happened.

Enjoy a tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

In the meantime, let’s try and get to the bottom of this newly-discovered secret entrance.

This was found by Reddit user melbobbins who wrote, “What is this? When you revelio at the cliff wall north of Cragcroft, I can see what looks like a boulder wall but for the life of me I can’t find a way to it! What is this?!”

Fellow players had a plethora of suggestions from using bombarda to depulso but melbobbins added, “The problem is it’s behind a cliff wall and I can’t figure out any way to get to it! Just wondering if this shows up on anyone else’s map.”

As much as we’d love to discover a hidden passage all these months after release, it’s looking like the solution to this conundrum is a tad more mundane.

“It's a flaw. This is possibly a basic-cast-attackable rock pile that you can see in other places in the game. As you noted, it's recessed in the rock wall and flagged for revelio-active to glow blue,” DracoArgenteus began.

“I've seen it and treated it as any of the other flawed placement of resources below a game surface or planned objects placed out of reach behind the scenery either by mistake or intentionally with the revelio-glow-flag not turned off.”

That puts a pin in our fun.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

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