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Hogwarts Legacy Sebastian DLC is the dream, fans agree

Hogwarts Legacy Sebastian DLC is the dream, fans agree

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Hogwarts Legacy is a massive, ambitious game, although it's clear fans are already hungry for more. Much more.

There was a stupid amount of expectation surrounding the Harry Potter RPG in the run up to launch, and it's fair to say Hogwarts Legacy didn't quite hit for a lot of fans in the way they wanted it to. On reflection many feel the open-world game feels largely empty and does little to reward multiple playthroughs. An expansion, then, would be just the ticket.

Take a look at Hogwarts Legacy in action below!

Given the stupid number of copies Hogwarts Legacy has sold since launching earlier this year, you'd think an expansion is a foregone conclusion. Certainly, it looks as if developer Avalanche Software is already staffing up for a sequel, but some kind of story DLC would definitely keep fans happy in the meantime.

There are plenty of directions a Hogwarts Legacy expansion could take. The Wizarding World is, after all, a vast realm. New locations, new stories, new characters - all of these would be welcome. But there's one character in particular fans really want to pick back up with.

In a discussion about DLC over on the game's subreddit, conversation quickly turned to one character in particular: Sebastian Sallow. Fans widely consider the Slytherin's morally dubious storyline to be the best in the entire game, so it's little surprise they'd like to see the DLC centre around him.

One fan wrote: "It's not hard to see that Sebastian's storyline was the most popular (and they clearly know this because the only character for whom they are selling specific merchandise is Sebastian) so it would make more sense to sell DLC focused on Sebastian than, say, trying to sell DLC centered around Natty."

Others were quick to agree, adding that even though certain choices made in the base game could get in the way of a Sebastian return, there's nothing a little clever writing couldn't do to bring him back for another story.

Whether or not we end up with a Sebastian DLC - or any DLC at all, for that matter - remains to be seen. For now, we'll have to sit tight.

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