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Hogwarts Legacy players are starting to find the game repetitive

Hogwarts Legacy players are starting to find the game repetitive

Hogwarts Legacy players were initially impressed but confess that they're starting to find the game to be repetitive.

Hogwarts Legacy hasn’t even completed its full release rollout and yet, it’s boasting some impressive launch figures. We’ve still got the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One edition to go, which will launch on 4 April, with Nintendo Switch following on 25 July.

Despite having only released the new-gen and PC versions, Hogwarts Legacy has already sold over 12 million copies, amassing over $850 million in revenue. It was previously confirmed that players had collectively spent over 250 million hours in-game. A Hogwarts Legacy TV show is reportedly in development, plus it looks like a sequel could be on the way. Despite this immense commercial success though, some players are actually finding the game to be a little repetitive.

We knew it would happen. Someone has already modded PS1 Hagrid into the game. Take a look below.

Reddit user AdDry7269 wrote, “This game really struggles with, ‘It was cool the first time.’ I love the game, but it really struggles with finding something cool the first time, then seeing it over and over again. I've seen Peeves juggling and sliding down stairs so much now. The most annoying though IMO is the knights. I thought it was so cool seeing the knight kill the other one but now it happens basically every time. And I've just been very disappointed finding out that different knights over the school do the same thing. I thought it was exclusive to the gold knights but it just happened to the ones outside of the Great Hall.”

Some agreed with the user. SmellAccomplished550 added, “What you're saying seems spot on. It's why everyone here is complaining about Ignatia Wildsmith's lines. They just didn't take or have the time to breed enough variety into everything,” while 7i1i2i6 said, “I felt this hard a few days ago before finishing. So much about it was impressive in terms of world building, but repetition of puzzles, a simple and forced story, lack of consequential choices, all had me a bit bored in the last third or so. I almost didn't realise I'd finished the game.”

Fans are agreed that the prize for completing the 95 Merlin Trials doesn’t justify the effort needed to achieve it. That being said, Hogwarts Legacy is a great foundation upon which to build a sequel where these creases could be ironed out.

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