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Hogwarts Legacy players planning mass 'sick day' for game's launch

Hogwarts Legacy players planning mass 'sick day' for game's launch

Hogwarts Legacy players are planning on taking a sick day so they can start the game as soon as possible.

Employers may see a spike in sick days both today and Friday. Why? Hogwarts Legacy fans are planning on taking the day off work to get stuck into the game.

It’s February 7 which means Hogwarts Legacy’s early access period is now open. To gain access to this, you’ll need to have pre-ordered the deluxe edition on either PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S or on PC. If you haven’t done that, Hogwarts Legacy officially releases on Friday 10 February so there’s not long to wait. It could take you up to 120 hours to see all that the game has to offer but players who have grabbed early copies are claiming you can nab the Platinum trophy in around 70 hours. You can see why fans are so eager to get started.

Take a tour of Hogsmeade below.

Reddit user luringpopsicle95 took to the site to write, “Anyone else going to call into work on the day it comes out? I just let my work know that on Tuesday I will not be there because of ‘a doctor's appointment.’ Not a single regret. Going to be playing this game throughout the day.” Let me tell you, they weren’t alone. Vexmythoclastt added, “Surely I can’t be the only one that’s conveniently going on ‘vacation’ from my job.”

LegacyGryffindor joked, “I’m self employed and will definitely be asking my boss for some time off. I have it on good authority that they’ll let me,” while mrduds101 wrote, “I’ve got loads of sick time piled up. I’ve got cold-like-symptoms scheduled to hit me Tuesday morning. I’ll be out on Tuesday and Wednesday. I couldn’t resist and I have no regrets as well.”

In case you missed it, Hogwarts Legacy will introduce the franchise’s first trans character. A number of freebies have also been announced to celebrate the game’s launch.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Paramount Pictures

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