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Hogwarts Legacy players have one major complaint about the castle

Hogwarts Legacy players have one major complaint about the castle

Some Hogwarts Legacy fans feel that there aren't enough students in Hogwarts Castle.

Although it’s currently only available on new-gen consoles and PC, Hogwarts Legacy is already a hit.

Its release hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, though. Some have decided to boycott the title due to its connection to J.K. Rowling, who has been criticised for making harmful comments about the trans community. Meanwhile, others who have been playing it have been finding fault with various things, from the lack of companion system to the fact that you can’t pause the cutscenes, for some reason.

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For the most part, players have been in love with the wizarding world itself, but on Reddit, a new complaint has surfaced. There’s no way around it - Hogwarts has a tiny student population.

“I love the game but it makes me feel like there are 50 students max at Hogwarts,” proudream wrote. “It makes me feel like I'm alone at Hogwarts. No one is sleeping in the beds at night, you can't talk to them… kinda turns me down,” added MinimumProcess1346.

Before launch, some players calculated a rough estimate for how many students must attend Hogwarts based on the amount of dorm rooms and beds that had been shown, and guessed that there would be around 224 young witches and wizards in total. This lined up with similar estimations made using the first Harry Potter book, so it seemed very reasonable.

With that said, considering how massive Hogwarts Castle is, you’d have expected way more - especially since the movies showed busy halls full of students all the time. Realistically, you’d need thousands of students to fill the castle in this way, so it seems that the game is more accurate than the films were in this respect (although the hectic hustle and bustle probably would have been preferable to most players).

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games, Portkey Games

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