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Hogwarts Legacy players discover 'rage inducing' quest

Hogwarts Legacy players discover 'rage inducing' quest

Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch players have discovered the 'rage inducing' Summoner's Court quest.

Despite it being almost a whole year since Hogwarts Legacy was first released to console and PC, Nintendo Switch users are finally getting in on the action but they might wish they hadn’t after discovering a “rage inducing” quest.

Hogwarts Legacy finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch this November and brand-new players are picking up their brooms and exploring Hogwarts and surrounding areas. Despite the game being snubbed during The Game Awards nominations, leaving some fans outraged, it has still gone on to become a highlight of the gaming year for developers Avalanche Studios.

Check out the Hogwarts Legacy Magic Awaits trailer below!

With the title officially being available on every major platform, some players are unsure Hogwarts Legacy should have come to Nintendo Switch at all due to the “drastic drop in quality”. However, for those enjoying their time on the handheld, they were soon tasked with the dreaded quest which sees you come up against Charlotte Morrison.

“There are no words for how much I dislike this character”, posted one user to r/HarryPotterGame. “Repeatedly losing to Charlotte Morrison in Summoner's Court is rage inducing. I lost so many times in a row that I had to walk away from the game and take a break. I eventually got lucky and knocked her ball off the 50 mark. I took great joy in rubbing it in her face.”

The quest in question tasks players with completing a Hogwarts Legacy side activity known as Summoner’s Court. The activity consists of five separate matches against five different characters with each one increasing in difficulty. It is match four where you meet Charlotte Morrison and she is a formidable opponent indeed with some even calling her the hardest 'boss' in the game.

With PC and console players feeling the pain from new Switch players, it is no surprise that there are many tips and tricks online to help you beat her. However, managing to beat Charlotte and the other four opponents will reward you with both XP and brand-new cosmetics. So get accio-ing!

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Games

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