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Hogwarts Legacy players can visit Azkaban, but getting there isn't easy

Hogwarts Legacy players can visit Azkaban, but getting there isn't easy

Hogwarts Legacy players can visit Azkaban, but there's only one way to get there.

Hogwarts Legacy is predominantly set within Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry itself, as well as the surrounding areas which, I’ll warn you, feature a lot of caves and ruins.

Once you’ve played through the opening scene of Hogwarts Legacy, most players won’t have the option to leave the main map. There is one way you can reach the infamous Azkaban though. That’s right. It’s all down to which house you choose. All quests relate to how you reach Jackdaw, a ghost you must speak to in order to proceed with the main missions. Slytherin, the most popular house, will need to speak to the house elf Scrope, Gryffindors will seek out the Headless Hunt, while Ravenclaw’s will assist Ollivander. Hufflepuffs arguably have the best quest though as they’ll get to visit Azkaban.

Enjoy a tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

The Hufflepuff quest is titled ‘Prisoner of Love’. During the quest, you’ll receive a letter informing you to speak to the portrait of Eldritch Diggory in the Hufflepuff common room. Your journey will next take you to Azkaban, the infamous Wizarding prison, alongside a former Auror by the name of Helen Thistlewood. On the whole, I wouldn’t say that Hogwarts Legacy has a ton of replayability with its tedious side activities (hello Merlin Trials), but I am kind of curious to check out this particular quest.

It’s a shame that Hogwarts Legacy didn’t ensure its replayability by focusing more on these individual house experiences. As I said, this is the only instance in which each house gets a unique quest. Of course, each house gets a unique common room too.

Inside Azkaban, Hufflepuff main characters will have the opportunity to see Dementors (another exclusive). It’s a brief quest, lasting around 10 minutes, but it’s one of the darkest on offer in Hogwarts Legacy.

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