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Hogwarts Legacy players are actively choosing not to fast travel

Hogwarts Legacy players are actively choosing not to fast travel

Hogwarts Legacy players are choosing to walk everywhere as Hogwarts is so beautiful.

Hogwarts Legacy boasts a large, plush open world. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, I’d imagine you’re pretty thrilled at the idea of finally getting to explore Hogwarts. That’s not all though. You can explore Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest, and all of the region’s surrounding hamlets and communities. Even if you’re 10 hours into the game, I bet you’ve barely scratched the surface of all that there is to explore.

It’s no surprise then that some Hogwarts Legacy fans have branded Hogwarts to be their favourite video game location of all time, with some even hailing the title as ‘GOTY material.’ One dev previously said that it could take you 120 hours to see all that the game has to offer and having experienced the scale of the map, I believe them. The thing is, it’s taking players longer to explore than anticipated as most people are choosing not to use the fast travel system.

We knew it would happen. Someone has already modded PS1 Hagrid into the game. Take a look below.

Reddit user superdownvotemaster took to the site to write, “First one of these games in a long time where I’d rather walk everywhere instead of fast travelling. Gorgeous game that really captures what I think it would feel like to walk around there.” It’s simple to fast travel if you want to. You just use the Floo Flame Network, although you have to locate a Floo location on foot or via broom before it’s added to the map. I understand why players are walking though. Why fast travel to Hogsmeade when you can enjoy the beautiful vistas of the school grounds?

Plenty agreed. User alvvays11 wrote, “My favourite method is travel by broom. Something about flying around the gorgeous map with the beautiful background music. Such an immersive feeling,” while TheChipster91 added, “I make it a point to never use fast travel especially within the walls of Hogwarts. Because of this, I am able to navigate Hogwarts by memory. It's so exciting when I realise I know the layout just as well as any other Hogwarts upperclassman! It would be really nice if someday there's a multiplayer feature for console players so we can play hide and seek. I know all the best hiding places.”

Speaking of multiplayer, there are no official plans in the works but a group of fans are working on a PC multiplayer mod that supports up to 8 people, so maybe you’ll be able to play hide and seek pretty soon.

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