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Hogwarts Legacy player baffled by creepy new open world discovery

Hogwarts Legacy player baffled by creepy new open world discovery

One Hogwarts Legacy player has been left baffled by a creepy open world discovery.

Hogwarts Legacy’s open-world certainly needs refining. It’s a shame that Hogwarts castle itself and the town of Hogsmeade are the only major points of interest.

The remaining hamlets, caves, and ruins soon all blur into one another after a while.

That being said, developers still managed to pack in an immense amount of detail, from amusing open-world events to small nods to the wider Wizarding World lore.

Today’s discovery is, well, rather creepy. It was made by Reddit user SidKillz who stumbled across the world’s eeriest tea party whilst exploring the game’s map at night.

The user found what appears to be a plush Niffler enjoying a spot of tea with a plush Mandrake at the beach.

“What’s this?” the user wrote. “I stumbled across this while touring around.”

Enjoy a tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

It all sounds wholesome enough but that Mandrake is pure nightmare fuel. If you’ve seen the film Coraline, the button eyes are very much reminding me of that.

“They’re less creepy during the day,” advised one fan.

“I’ve played this game over a dozen times and I still find these little guys all over the map. My most recent discovery was one in a carriage outside of Horntail Hall. Little dude is politely waiting in one along the cliff just before crossing the wooden bridge,” added DoctorUrl who also stumbled across one of the cursed Mandrakes.

If I was a Hogwarts student and came across this scene, I’d run straight back to my dormitory.

Hopefully, we’ll soon have something new to feast our eyes upon in-game.

The PlayStation exclusive Haunted Hogsmeade Shop quest is set to land on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC this summer.

Devs also teased the upcoming reveal of further “updates” and “features”. As much as I’d like to get my hopes up for new content, I fear this could be something as minimal as a photo mode.

As commercially successful as Hogwarts Legacy was, it hasn’t exactly been well supported by post-launch content. Let’s just hope devs are cooking up some magic.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

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