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Hogwarts Legacy player finds hidden memorial that you might have missed

Hogwarts Legacy player finds hidden memorial that you might have missed

Hogwarts Legacy player finds hidden memorial that you might have missed

Although video games are often used as an escape, they can oftentimes combine with real life to pay tribute to some of the talent that went into making them. That is the case for one Hogwarts Legacy Easter egg which some fans may have missed.

Despite it almost being the one-year anniversary of Hogwarts Legacys release, some fans are still coming across some hidden secrets sprinkled throughout the RPG’s extensive map. Inspired by the Harry Potter franchise, the game has not been afraid to combine elements of the books and movies to its video game adaptation and that can be seen in one Easter egg that can be easily missed.

Check out the Hogwarts Legacy trailer below!

Nestled amongst foliage just outside the game’s interpretation of Hogwarts castle sits a memorial to the series’ most well-loved gamekeeper, Hagrid. Despite the events of Hogwarts Legacy being set during the 1890s which is well before Hagrid’s time, the memorial is instead dedicated to Hagrid’s movie actor, Robbie Coltrane who unfortunately passed away in October 2022.

Coltrane went on to portray the loveable gamekeeper in all eight movies and played a large part in the character’s popularity thanks to his Scottish humour and deep understanding of the character. As a result, it is perhaps no surprise that Avalanche Software took the time to pay tribute to the actor.

The memorial can be found by fast-traveling to the Hogwarts South Exit in The South Wing. Once there, proceed south east along the Black Lake until you come across Hagrid’s famous hut. Taking a peek behind it will reveal the small gravestone adorned with a Hippogriff. Although the grave is without an epitaph, fans understand that this is indeed a tribute to Hagrid/Coltrane.

This is just one of many Easter eggs found throughout Hogwarts Legacy so it is perhaps no surprise that many fans have taken to Reddit to share any they have found on their journey.

Featured Image Credit: Avalanche Software

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