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Hogwarts Legacy fans baffled as new release quietly forgotten about

Hogwarts Legacy fans baffled as new release quietly forgotten about

Hogwarts Legacy fans have been left baffled as a new release has seemingly been quietly forgotten about.

Despite being the biggest commercial success of 2023 within the games industry, Hogwarts Legacy has received a rather underwhelming level of post-launch content.

We know that content is indeed on the way. The PlayStation-exclusive Haunted Hogsmeade Shop quest is set to land on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox in just a few months time - although the exact date remains unconfirmed.

We also know that developers have been cooking up several other “updates” and “features”, but these too remain unannounced.

It’s already a somewhat worrying sign that fans have been warned to temper their expectations. I’m guessing that’s a no to a Diagon Alley DLC, then?

We should find out what’s in store in the coming months after more than a year of, well, not much at all.

Alongside this though, players have also been left baffled by the absence of the The Wizardry Behind Hogwarts Legacy documentary.

Enjoy a tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

The film was announced on 1 September 2023, the famous Back to Hogwarts Day, with a teased release window of “later this year”.

It was set to take players behind the scenes of the making of Hogwarts Legacy, providing a detailed insight into the game’s development period.

Here we are though in 2024, with 2023 having ended, and the film is yet to be released.

Reddit user GrandOldPuke took to the social media site to write, “Wasn’t this supposed to have been released already? The description says ‘later this year’, so do we know why it hasn’t been released?”

The short answer is no. No further updates have been given about the documentary which does feel a tad odd.

“Avalanche seems to love leaving their fans in the dark until suddenly giving out announcements and promising the world. I honestly don't trust the ‘additional features’ thing they talked about with the upcoming Hogsmeade quest either. It's probably nothing worthwhile,” wrote Serres5231.

“It was announced in September 2023 as a thank you to the fans. It was supposed to come out Oct, Nov or Dec 2023. They didn't mention it since the announcement in September 2023. I think it's really a bad look for them not to address it at all,” added Ok_University2550.

Devs did tease that fans would hear more about the game this summer, so perhaps so too shall we hear about the documentary. It would be a shame for the project to just fizzle away, forgotten about.

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