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Hogwarts Legacy: Fans think Harry Potter actually is in the game

Hogwarts Legacy: Fans think Harry Potter actually is in the game

One fan has theorised how Harry Potter could actually appear in Hogwarts Legacy - and it's plausible.

The release of Hogwarts Legacy is on the horizon, and it’s a major discussion point. As I’m sure you’re aware, JK Rowling’s transphobic comments in recent years have left many fans of the franchise feeling alienated, prompting them to boycott Hogwarts Legacy as a result.

That being said, the boycotts aren’t having the effect many of us assumed they would. Avalanche Software’s title may not be out yet, but it’s already the best-selling Steam and PlayStation 5 game of the year so far. Some people are using Steam’s tagging system to protest against it. Even still, plenty of people are undeterred. In fact, one fan’s theory has gone down very well indeed as they’ve suggested that the Potters may appear in Hogwarts Legacy after all.

Take a tour of the four house common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy below.

As reported by The Loadout, Reddit user Arktix has used the game’s trophy list to theorise how the Potters may appear in Hogwarts Legacy. It would be their ancestors, of course. The game is set in 1890 and lil’ baby Harry wasn’t born until 1980. The theory relates to ‘The Hallowed Hero’ which requires players to “wield a Deathly Hallow”. We know there are three: the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Invisibility Cloak.

So, Arktix systematically worked through each one. In 1890, it’s assumed that the Elder Wand would’ve belonged to Gregorovitch. Grindelwald acquired it sometime after the year 1899, with Dumbledore then taking ownership in 1945. This means that we, as the player, would have to win the wand from Gregorovitch and then he would need to win it back again by the game’s closure which feels unlikely.

The Resurrection Stone is believed to be in the ownership of the Gaunt family. Arktix reminded fans that it’s confirmed that Marvolo Gaunt didn’t know the stone in his ring was in fact the Resurrection Stone. This was in the 1920s. The only plausible way the stone could feature in the 1890s, according to Arktix, is if we as the player are in fact a member of the Gaunt family.

This brings us onto the Invisibility Cloak. Arktix suggests that the most likely answer is that we run into a Potter ancestor at Hogwarts. It’s a convincing theory. It would be far easier for a Potter ancestor to lend us the cloak compared to either of the above options. In terms of the Potter family tree, it’s likely that Henry ‘Harry’ Potter would’ve been at school during this decade so that’s how we could run into Harry - just not the Harry we know. Phew, that was lore overload.

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