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Hogwarts Legacy free download coming to PS4, Xbox One

Hogwarts Legacy free download coming to PS4, Xbox One

Hogwarts Legacy players on all platforms can claim a number of free cosmetic items tomorrow (5 May).

For those who don’t own a PC or new-gen console, your time has come. Well, almost. Hold that thought for just a few more hours.

Hogwarts Legacy will be releasing on PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow (5 May), almost three months after its initial release on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Although the game was originally meant to come out on all platforms on the same day, the previous-gen versions were delayed to give them a little more time in the oven, so here’s hoping that they’ll be up to the standard that gamers are expecting.

Players on PC can take advantage of the power of mods for a whole new gaming experience, or simply add PS1 Hagrid to their game. Take a look at the latter below.

If you’re one of the people picking the game up on release day tomorrow (or if you already own it on any other platform, for that matter), you’ll be able to take advantage of some exclusive free downloads and claim some sweet cosmetic items for your character. All you’ll need to do is tune into the official Avalanche Software Twitch channel and watch the Legacy Live! stream at 5PM (UK time), with your Warner Bros. Games account connected to your Twitch account.

So, what’s on offer? First up is the super snazzy Merlin’s Cloak - this was first offered in the same way back when Hogwarts Legacy first came out, but if you missed out, now’s the perfect time to grab it. You’ll need to watch the stream for a full 20 minutes if you want to earn it.

Also on offer is the Professor Ronen Cosmetic Set, which is totally new. This includes the Charms Professor Outfit, Robe, Scarf, Spectacles, Gloves and Tasselled Kufi. To claim these, you’ll have to stick around for 30 minutes per reward. However, you don’t necessarily have to watch Legacy Live! for the whole duration - these rewards can also be earned by watching streamers play Hogwarts Legacy with Twitch Drops enabled.

So, that’s probably a lot of fans’ Friday nights sorted. There’s no word on if these rewards will return again in the future, so grab them while you can. You can tune into the Legacy Live! stream here.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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