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Hogwarts Legacy free download announced

Hogwarts Legacy free download announced

And it's the easiest thing to claim.

Hogwarts Legacy offered a lot of premium and exclusive content for those who forked out for its Deluxe and Collector's Editions, however, there's a third chance to score yourself a Legendary item. And all you need to do is sit. Technology is incredible these days.

Hogwarts Legacy, in spite of some glowing reviews praising its sensational open world, is still subject to criticism from those who have been severed from the magic of the Harry Potter books. The opinions of author J. K. Rowling have divided fans who are or aren't able to separate the art from the artist, and the association alone has led to a number of protests against the game's existence.

Those who have bought the RPG have attempted to counter the royalties going to Rowling in donations to LGBTQIA+ charities, and an enormous amount has been raised already. If you're scampering hither and thither across Hogwarts for improvements to your outfit, having skipped over the pre-order goodies, there is a free download to claim tomorrow.

Still missing out on Hogwarts Legacy? Say no more, as a team of Elden Ring modders have your back:

Merlin's Cloak, a legendary gear item, was exclusive to Twitch Drops on Avalanche Software's streams, and the only opportunity to unlock it was held on 7 February and 10 February. If you were on the fence about Hogwarts Legacy and hadn't pre-ordered it before the reviews were out, then it's likely that you didn't spot the offer. Furthermore, Twitch Drops aren't the most accessible giveaway for casual gamers who aren't aware of the connection between the game and the streaming service.

Fortunately, we're here to walk you through it. Tomorrow, the developer will be streaming Hogwarts Legacy and Merlin's Cloak will be grabbable once again. Spend 20 minutes watching the stream while logged into Twitch and the reward will be yours - the progress towards the Twitch Drop is shown in "Drops and Rewards" on your Twitch profile.

Then, go to the official Hogwarts Legacy Twitch Drop website and redeem the item. It looks like this will be the last Twitch Drop for the time being so, for those with a passion for fashion, be sure to put a reminder on for the stream on 24 February at 8.00am PT.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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