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Hogwarts Legacy fans should check out this gorgeous Steam RPG

Hogwarts Legacy fans should check out this gorgeous Steam RPG

It's time to open the Black Book

If you've finished off Hogwart's Legacy and you're looking for your next RPG to play, there are a lot to choose from, especially on Steam. However, look no further than Black Book, a game that leans into folklore and mystery, as well as magic abilities.

This will be a stark departure from the third-person action game of Hogwart's Legacy. Black Book looks completely different on the visuals front with bold cartoon aesthetics and colours. Plus it plays very differently too.

There's more magic and mystery beyond the walls of Hogwarts

In Black Book you take on the role of a young girl named Vasilisa. You're destined to become a witch and must travel the Slavic countryside looking for your lost love. Along the way you'll meet and battle plenty of colourful characters from Slavic folktales.

The countryside is full of riddles and puzzles, along with a wealth of side quests that reward you for your exploration and keen mind. It's not a simple journey however, and Vasilisa will often be set upon by large demonic creatures.

Battling is done by way of deck-building and playing cards to perform actions against your enemies. There's a lot on offer in this RPG which balances difficult card-playing alongside a wonderful world of folklore. There's even an in-game encyclopaedia for you to read up further on those Slavic tales.

Black Book is quite a dark tale, but one with an abundance of heart and charm. Nominated for several awards, this game impresses on many levels. It's a great companion to Hogwart's Legacy due to the fairy tale qualities of the story and cast, as well as seeing into another world of humans living alongside creatures of myth.

Black Book is definitely worth trying once you've finished Hogwart's Legacy, or while you wait for any possible DLC on the way.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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