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Hogwarts Legacy fans need to check out this new Stardew Valley-like RPG

Hogwarts Legacy fans need to check out this new Stardew Valley-like RPG

Calling all witches and wizards

Witches and wizards, get those wands ready, we’ve got a new magical life-sim RPG and it is adorable.

Picture this as a merging of Hogwart’s Legacy and Stardew Valley; it’s got all the magic and potions of the former with all the twee and cosy elements of the latter, and you should absolutely add it to your Steam wishlist.

Hogwart's Legacy isn't the only place to dabble with magic and potions

Magic Inn is coming to Steam at some point later this year and from what we’ve seen from the trailer it looks like it’s going to be the next big cosy game we lose hours of our lives to.

The huge helping of magical inspirations makes it a stand-out as we watch the central character mix potions, and serve other witches and wizards at a bar, and there are plenty of spells you can use throughout.

The adorable visuals lean into cartoon ideals and the inn you run looks to be highly customisable, giving the game a great sense of character.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the game from what we’ve seen is the conversation cards which guide the conversation or even allow you to barter for better prices.

How these cards will play into other areas of the game, we’re yet to see, but it’s an interesting concept that should help Magic Inn immerse players in its world.

It seems the central focus is to create and run a successful inn, which means lots of small tasks to complete and plenty of NPCs to frequent your establishment.

Of course, magic is going to play a big part and it’ll be interesting to see if you can use your magic spells to protect your investments from rivals or general nuisances.

Magic Inn will enter early access later this year only on Steam and while there’s no word on a console release, fans of magic should keep their eyes on this title.

Featured Image Credit: Purpledoor Studios

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