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Hogwarts Legacy composer teases Metal Gear Solid 3 remake

Hogwarts Legacy composer teases Metal Gear Solid 3 remake

Hogwarts Legacy's composer has teased that he's working on a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

We are very much in a Metal Gear Solid drought. It’s been eight years since Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain released, last giving us a fix of the franchise. There was, of course, 2018’s Metal gear Survive but Hideo Kojima’s lack of involvement is palpable. I think it’s better if perhaps we just pass over that one.

As such, fans are dying for Metal Gear Solid to make a comeback - restoring the franchise to its Kojima era glory. The most prevalent rumour suggests that a Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater remake is on the way. Last year, series producer Noriaki Okamura teased that 2023 would be a year of announcements and in recent months, insiders claimed that a supposed MGS 3 remake is just months away from release, with plans to reveal the title this summer. The rumour has now gained further traction following a tease from Hogwarts Legacy’s composer.

Speaking of Hogwarts Legacy, the game releases on PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow.

As reported by ComicBook, Hogwarts Legacy’s composer J. Scott Rakozy posted a video on his Instagram story teasing the potential Metal Gear Solid 3 remake. The video appeared to feature a new version of a recognised Metal Gear Solid theme with the text caption reading, “If you know .. you know.” You can see how fans quickly jumped to conclusions based on this. Admittedly, we are still after those big announcements previously teased by Konami.

We are entering an exciting time though for the game’s industry. E3 may not be going ahead but we do have Summer Game Fest. It stands every chance that we’ll find out more of what the future of Metal Gear Solid entails at that event.

Xbox have confirmed their annual showcase which will be followed by a Starfield Direct. We’re yet to hear anything from PlayStation but insiders claim that Sony are due to hold a major showcase later this month. It’s long overdue, that’s for certain. Of course, we’ll be keeping an eye on all developments.

Featured Image Credit: Konami

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