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HBO’s The Last of Us may have just roasted Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson

HBO’s The Last of Us may have just roasted Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson

This week's episode of HBO's The Last of Us may have just referenced Nick Offerman's Parks and Recreation character Ron Swanson.

HBO’s The Last of Us continues to shine. The series is well on its way to becoming the greatest video game adaptation of all time. In fact, perhaps the show has already earned that title. Episode three, ‘Long Long Time,’ slowed the pace right down to offer us a valuable glimpse at what a happy ending looks like in this fractured world.

Fans are understandably demanding that Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett win every award they’re inevitably eligible for. A small minority of viewers branded the episode ‘a filler,’ but the latest instalment was quickly defended by fans. Sadly, ‘Long Long Time’ is being review-bombed for its ‘political propaganda’ which is complete and utter nonsense. The good news is that more The Last of Us is on the way. We have six episodes to go plus a second season is now in the works. Of course, spoilers follow for the show's third episode.

Take a look at what’s in store this season on The Last of Us.

For the most part, this week’s episode was pretty sad - happy sad though, if that’s possible. Bill and Frank secured their happy ending, as tragic as it may have seemed. Chances are you spent the vast majority of the episode blubbering, but there were a few pockets of humour throughout. In fact, you may have overlooked the fact that The Last of Us just roasted Nick Offerman's real laugh, heard in Parks and Recreation.

In the latter stages of the episode, Ellie finds a letter from Bill that he’d written shortly before his death. Part of the letter read, “I’m guessing you found this Joel because anyone else would’ve been electrocuted or blown up by one of my traps, heheheheh.” Now, Bill wasn’t an overly giggly guy - except for that heartwarming strawberry scene - so one fan has a theory about the “heheheheh.”

Twitter user radicalreylo pointed out that the “heheheheh” sounds a lot like Nick Offerman's laugh - here's a handy Parks and Recreation clip compiling the best of the bunch. Coincidence or purposeful reference? You decide.

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