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Halo returns in new Unreal Engine 5 game you can download and play free

Halo returns in new Unreal Engine 5 game you can download and play free

Halo is back

An ex-Halo Infinite developer has created a brand-new Halo game with Unreal Engine 5, and you’ll be able to play it for free soon.

Rumours have said the next Halo game will be made using Unreal Engine 5, meaning this project could be our first glimpse as to what that could look like.

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Fittingly, it’s been said Xbox is in the process of remaking Halo: Combat Evolved, and this project made by an ex-Halo Infinite developer is set during the same time in Halo’s history.

The title will see players stuck on a desolate ship floating through space, one that hardcore fans will instantly recognise as the Mona Lisa.

While onboard, you’re attacked by infected Flood combatants, making it one of the scariest Halo experiences since climbing through the infested High Charity level in Halo 3.

You’ll stalk your way through the ship armed with a trusty assault rifle and flashlight, in a desperate fight for survival while Alpha Halo floats ominously outside.

Keep in mind that this game is being made by one person, so don’t expect the same length, detail and polish you’d see in fully-developed Halo games, though to be fair I don’t think we’ve seen that since Halo: Reach anyway…

It gives Alien: Isolation vibes, and the best part is it’ll be made readily available to any and all players upon completion.

If rumours are to be believed and the next Halo game is being made with Unreal Engine 5, this might be our best chance of getting a sneak-peek as to what that could possibly look like.

At the time of writing there’s no release date for this return to Alpha Halo, though hopefully it comes out sooner rather than later, as Halo desperately needs another exciting release, even a fan-made one.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

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