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GTA Vice City gets stunning Unreal Engine 5 remake

GTA Vice City gets stunning Unreal Engine 5 remake

YouTube creator TeaserPlay has recreated Vice City's opening sequence in Unreal Engine 5, and the result is incredible.

Grand Theft Auto fans are very hungry for new content, and understandably so. Next year, it’ll be a full decade since the release of GTA V, so to say we’ve been waiting a while for GTA VI is an understatement.

Last year, of course, we got the release of GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, but that wasn’t nearly as exciting as it could have been. Remastered versions of GTA III, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas sounded like a treat on paper, but the reality was quite different - the release was riddled with bugs and glitches, and many fans ended up demanding refunds.

While you’re here, take a look at some of our favourite GTA V wins and fails below.

Thanks to the efforts of fans though, some wrongs can be made right. YouTube creator TeaserPlay has recreated Vice City’s iconic opening scene in Unreal Engine 5, and it looks phenomenal - it’s safe to say that if Rockstar Games ever decided to properly remake the game and it looked like this, most would be thrilled. Take a look below.

Fans in the comments have been sharing their love for the project: “That is so awesome. I wish I could play the whole game like this. Good job,” wrote one. “That’s the remake we all deserve!!” added another. “God damn that's top notch,” another commented.

For now though, all GTA fans can do is bide their time for the next instalment in the series to come out. A huge leak surfaced online earlier this year which was confirmed to be real by Rockstar Games - some very early gameplay footage was shown, but it was so early in development that it was still impossible to tell what the final product would end up looking like. With no release date in sight, we probably have quite the wait ahead of us - we’ll just have to be patient.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, TeaserPlay via YouTube

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