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GTA Vice City 2 Unreal Engine 5 trailer is a glorious blast from the past

GTA Vice City 2 Unreal Engine 5 trailer is a glorious blast from the past

GTA Vice City 2 fan trailer is a glorious blast from the past

Get ready to feel emotional as one Grand Theft Auto: Vice City fan and video creator has released a fake trailer for a Vice City sequel featuring Tommy Vercetti arriving back after 37 years.

Released in 2002, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was the fourth main entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. Set during the 1980s, it follows the story of Tommy Vercetti after he is released from prison after serving a fifteen-year sentence for murder. In typical Grand Theft Auto fashion, what follows is a series of chaos and mayhem as he is released onto the streets of Vice City. With the end of the game finishing with a standoff between Vercetti and his former friends with results in the death of the latter, fans have been craving more.

Take another look at a remastered Grand Theft Auto:Vice City below!

However, with no signs of a sequel, it has turned to these talented fans to come up with their own versions of a sequel and this time it has turned to Youtuber TeaserPlay. In a heartfelt tribute to both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Tommy Vercetti, they have put together a fan concept trailer which shows the legend returning to Vice City after 37 years. We see as he cruises through the nostalgic city streets sporting a much more mature look. The trailer made in Unreal Engine 5 is also cut together with clips from the original 2002 game and shows Vercetti reminiscing about his old life. It is especially touching considering Vercetti’s voice actor, Ray Liotta, passed away in May 2002.

The trailer ends with a now 70-something year old Vercetti sitting in his now-empty mansion where the standoff happened all those years ago. With emotional music and echoes of a distant past, it would bring a tear to anybody’s eye, especially those who grew up with the original Grand Theft Auto trilogy. However, with Grand Theft Auto 6 hopefully just around the corner, it remains to be seen if it will live up to expectations.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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