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'GTA V' Is Now As Old As 'GTA San Andreas' Was When It Was Released

'GTA V' Is Now As Old As 'GTA San Andreas' Was When It Was Released

One Reddit user has reminded all Grand Theft Auto fans of just how much they've aged since GTA V was released.

The wait for Grand Theft Auto VI continues but we are finally starting to learn more about the game. Rockstar’s CEO Strauss Zelnick said the game will “set creative benchmarks for the series” and it was previously rumoured that Rockstar’s “cleaned up” internal culture will be reflected in GTA VI’s themes. It certainly feels like we’ve been waiting for GTA VI for an absolute age, but I still didn’t realise just how old Grand Theft Auto V is now.

This incredible fan modded version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, could give us a taste of what GTA VI might look like.

User DeUs_1893 recently took to Reddit to make us all feel old. Prepare yourselves folks. The user wrote, “GTA V is now as old as GTA San Andreas was, when GTA V was released.” As ancient as that may make you feel, the lad is right.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas released in 2004, whilst GTA V released in 2013. That means that San Andreas was nine years old at the time of GTA V’s release. Well, nine years on from the release of GTA V brings us to 2022. So, as much as you may hate it, DeUs_1893’s post works out.

Time really does fly. Fans soon flooded to the Reddit post to share their GTA memories. SpearLifeBee wrote, “Seems like only a few years ago I was playing [San Andreas] on one of those big ass old TVs with like a mile of back on them,” whilst The_Music added, “Yep I think about it and I'm like ‘It can't be that old, I was starting college when GTA V came out.’ Then I realised I started college ten years ago.” BRB. Going to go and find the fountain of youth on behalf of all GTA players.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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