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GTA San Andreas hailed as an all-time great on its 19th Birthday

GTA San Andreas hailed as an all-time great on its 19th Birthday

Happy 19th Birthday San Andreas

I can't quite believe that I'm writing this... GTA: San Andreas is 19 years old. If you listen carefully you can hear my knees give up. Of course, as these big anniversaries roll around players begin to chat about the game and discuss their favourite moments.

It seems everyone shares one common opinion, that the game is an all-time classic.

It's 19 years old and regarded as one of the greatest games of all-time

On the GTA subreddit, a user posted the game's celebration and the replies were resoundingly similar - "My all time favourite game" and "Most iconic game" or "The GOAT GTA." The accolades poured in from everywhere, with everyone in agreement, it's an all-time great.

We can keep the praise coming with "Easily the best game ever. It does everything right." Of course, there are plenty of people, like myself, feeling incredibly old. A user called u/ItzFreakinJordan started it off by saying "This game came out the year I was born." And this is followed by a tearful reply of "No way has it been that long." Surely this is making most of us feel like we're crumbling to dust.

It's strange to think that it was 19 years ago and we still feel the ripples of this game in the titles we play today. It's a game that truly revolutionised gaming, particularly in terms of story-telling and open world creation. It will forever be a part of the 'all-time' conversation, it broke boundaries but also singled out gaming to the general public by worldwide news coverage.

Back to reddit, San Andreas is hailed as "The most legendary game ever created" and as a part of the "good old days of gaming". Of course, conversation turns to GTA 6 and its unmentioned and unreleased status with a user slyly commenting "40 years later, GTA 6 was released."

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