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GTA Online players are getting permanently banned for new exploit

GTA Online players are getting permanently banned for new exploit

Some GTA Online players are getting permanently banned due to a new exploit that has surfaced.

It is no secret that cheating is part and parcel of the online gaming experience. Exploits, hacking and many forms of cheating are prevalent in many of our favourite multiplayer titles but how developers deal with it is a different story entirely.

With cheaters running rampant in popular multiplayer titles such as Apex Legends and Overwatch, it is not surprising that many players are feeling disheartened when developers are seemingly doing nothing to help combat it. However, it appears as though Rockstar Games is taking a no nonsense approach to those who just want to spoil the fun.

Check out the official Grand Theft Auto VI trailer below!

According to Twitter user ClassiqueGTA, it has been reported that Rockstar is handing out bans and permanent account suspensions to those using the account duplication exploit in GTA Online. The exploit in question allows players to make a 1:1 duplicate of another player’s data and can allow them to speed through the ranks.

As a way of combating this, Rockstar is permanently suspending accounts for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S users who are taking advantage of the exploit. However, receiving a ban will not automatically cancel your GTA+ subscription and you will still be charged if you fail to cancel it manually.

With cheating slightly harder to achieve on console, making it a lot less rampant, it is good to see that Rockstar are still paying attention to GTA Online.

In related news, analyst Mat Piscatella recently referred to the Grand Theft Auto VI as the most important thing “to ever release in the industry”. With the long-awaited sequel expected to arrive some time during 2025, we can already scarcely imagine how many records it will be breaking. As a result, official pre-orders have already surfaced online.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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