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GTA Online lost vehicles restored as Rockstar fix major bug

GTA Online lost vehicles restored as Rockstar fix major bug

Rockstar Games has fixed a major bug that was removing cars from players' in-game garages.

GTA Online is one of the most lucrative video games in the industry, with legions of gamers with deep pockets splashing the cash to live a digital life of luxury.

Understandably, when those digital purchases go missing, it can infuriate the masses. This has recently been the case. Following an update for GTA Online, paid items began vanishing like Harry Houdini. Due to a bug, paid-for in-game vehicles were being removed from gamers' digital garages, never to be seen again.

In GTA Online, much like the main entries in the series, vehicles are being stolen all the time, hence why it's called Grand Theft Auto. Those stolen vehicles can be locked away in your garage for safe storage, that is unless those vehicles explode for whatever reason or are stolen by another player.

However, there are certain vehicles that can only be purchased with in-game money. The perk of making such a purchase, other than having flashy vehicles, is that the vehicles will always remain in your garage, offering a layer of insurance should that vehicle be damaged or stolen. So, you can imagine why gamers were angered when the recent bug took luxury vehicles away from customers.

Thankfully, as reported by ComicBook, Rockstar Games is aware of the problem and it’s now seemingly been fixed. “The issue resulting in insurance not being correctly applied to vehicles in GTA Online is now resolved,” tweeted the developer. “Thank you for your patience.”

It’s not known at this time if this bug fix has corrected the issue for everyone. It is claimed that some players had their cars permanently deleted after being destroyed and cars were not returned to the garage. If so, hopefully, Rockstar Games might be able to compensate those players.

In recent news, the same GTA Online update angered gamers for a different reason by removing over 200 cars from the game and hiding them behind a paywall. Rockstar Games claim this was done to “streamline the shopping experience.” How thoughtful.

In other news, despite being announced well over a year ago, fans are growing concerned that they might die before the release of Grand Theft Auto VI.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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