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GTA 7 confirmation absolutely roasted by fans not expecting to see it in their lifetime

GTA 7 confirmation absolutely roasted by fans not expecting to see it in their lifetime

All good things come to those who wait, so they say

It’s hard to believe but yes, GTA VII has already been officially acknowledged.

Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick recently spoke at the TD Cowen 52nd Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference where he was asked about the future of the iconic Rockstar Games franchise.

GTA VII?” he teased.

It will have been 12 years between GTA V and GTA VI by the time VI’s release rolls around, with attendees of the conference keen to find out if this is a length of time we’ll see repeated.

“It is important to bear in mind that it’s not like Rockstar put out GTA V and sat on their hands for 12 years, right? We launched GTA Online. That’s turned into a massive, living, breathing ecosystem which continues to perform and grow to this day,” Zelnick said.

“So the label totally transformed from a label that made big, standalone, monolithic, games […] to a label that’s now in the live services business. I do think given the scale of that label, it’s a huge company itself, there isn’t much more to be done.”

It may only be a brief, and rather tongue-in-cheek, mention of GTA VII but it’s enough to get fans talking about the next instalment - and they too are worried about how long it’ll take to create.

ICYMI: Take a look at GTA VI’s trailer below.

GTA VII in the works until your first grandkid is born,” joked AdIndependent9142.

“Seems accurate,” added TheNewWeeknd707.

Joking aside though, there’s a lot to be taken away from Zelnick’s comment.

It’s a reminder that while, yes, Rockstar is perhaps most prominently known for its Grand Theft Auto franchise, it’s far from being a one game studio.

We’re yet to hear about how GTA Online will evolve following GTA VI’s launch, but surely there are big plans in the pipeline there.

There’s also the rumoured PC port of Red Dead Redemption on the way, and that’s not to mention top secret projects we don’t know about whether they be related to familiar or new IPs.

GTA VII will indeed likely release in many, many years time, but I’m sure Rockstar is cooking up plenty of treats in the meantime.

Including, best of all, GTA VI so let’s keep counting down to that fall 2025 launch.

Featured Image Credit: DoctorMike via GTA5-Mods, Rockstar Games

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