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GTA 6 supposed voice actor finally responds to rumours

GTA 6 supposed voice actor finally responds to rumours

One actor is making their involvement in GTA 6 known

We can feel the winds of change as the GTA VI trailer drop draws ever closer, yet speculation is still running rampant. It’s part of the reason why one of the supposed actors for the new game has finally addressed the rumours.

There’s no escaping the fact that GTA VI is causing ridiculous levels of hype as December looms – with fans predicting objects they’ll see in the trailer (yes, seriously), and those who are certain that GTA VIII is about to drop, there’s a lot of misinformation and rumours to wade through.

Let's celebrate all these wonderful years of GTA!

Perhaps that’s why one actor has finally addressed the community’s belief that they’re voicing a character in the upcoming game. Since it was revealed that GTA VI will have its first female lead, fans have been steadfast in their conviction that Alexandra C. Echavarri Lecároz is the voice behind Lucia.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case after the actor took to Instagram to talk about their time voicing GTA V character Lupe. This minor but incredibly helpful character was recently added to GTA Online, where they help players manage their warehouses; see, we told you Lupe is helpful.

“I had the honour of voicing warehouse boss Lupe on GTA V,” the Instagram caption reads. “Better late than never, THANK YOU ALL, for the love & support!!! This was a career goal and I'm so grateful it has been realised. [...] I remember playing the game myself when I was a teen and I have to say: I never thought I'd have the opportunity of being a part of such a cool game or being the voice of a hardcore chick.”

We’re pleased they made a point of highlighting that this post feels a little late considering GTA V came out in 2013, though, as they also said, it’s “better late than never”. Does this reveal definitely mean they won’t be voicing Lucia in the new title? It seems so. However, Rockstar Games has been keeping all details about GTA VI very close to its chest, so this could be a case of when an actor knows they’re the new Doctor but denies it right up until the official announcement.

Featured Image Credit: Hossein Diba via YouTube, Rockstar Games

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