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GTA 6 looks set to bring back a controversial franchise feature

GTA 6 looks set to bring back a controversial franchise feature

Grand Theft Auto fans are split over whether they want to see GTA 6 lock away portions of the map, something that seems likely.

With rumours of what fans can expect to see in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI swirling, some players have revealed that they would like to see the return of a somewhat controversial feature.

We are just over a year away from the release of Grand Theft Auto VI and after a 10 year wait, it is no surprise that fans are eager to dive into a new and improved Vice City with brand-new protagonists, Lucia and Jason.

With another year plus left to wait until its release, fans are spending the time speculating as to what features we could see in the next Rockstar entry and it appears one controversial feature might actually make a return.

Check out the official Grand Theft Auto VI trailer below!

Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto IV saw the introduction of locked map regions which prevented players from unlocking some areas until certain parts of the storyline were completed. Although Grand Theft Auto V got rid of this feature, and instead opted to keep certain parts of the map blurred out rather than fully locked, it seems as though some players were actually a fan of the original feature and would like to see it in Grand Theft Auto VI.

This feature would also make sense story-wise as official art of Lucia sees her wear an ankle bracelet. With the accessory stopping newly released convicts from straying too far from their fixed address, this could mean Lucia would originally be unable to travel to certain areas of the map.

“I know this might sound counterintuitive, but personally I would love for this to return,” wrote one fan. “My fondest memories in Vice City and San Andreas were completing the storyline so I could unlock new islands and find new vehicles. Despite the apparent restriction, once unlocked, the larger maps offered a sense of freedom and game progression like no other. This feature, to me, helped to define the identity of the classic GTA games.”

“Am I the only one who wants GTA VI to bring back other parts of the map being locked until you progress through the story to unlock them similar to previous GTA games?” reads another Reddit post. “I liked the feeling of not knowing when you’re going to unlock the other parts, and when you did unlock them, it felt like such an accomplishment and you got to explore a different part of the map you’ve never been in before which was fun.”

It remains to be seen if Rockstar will reintroduce the feature to Grand Theft Auto VI but it will be interesting to see nonetheless.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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