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GTA 6 huge open-world map appears online, filled with multiple cities and towns

GTA 6 huge open-world map appears online, filled with multiple cities and towns

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GTA VI's open world could be one of the most detailed we've ever seen in a video game, if new leaks are anything to go by.

As I'm sure you're all-too painfully aware, Rockstar Games first announced GTA VI was in active development back in February 2022. Since that fateful day, we haven't really had anything official to look over. Hence the rushing live TV shows and infamous gameplay leaks from impatient fans.

Take a look at everything we currently know about GTA VI below. Spoiler: it's not much.

While an official map has yet to find its way online, fans have pored over the gameplay leaks from last year to create a series of reference points and put together what they believe to be the best estimation of GTA VI's map. Turns out it's absolutely stacked, which is good news.

It's worth pointing out that a very similar thing happened with GTA V, in that the map based on leaked info for that game turned out to be almost identical to the real thing. We're not saying this GTA VI map should be treated as the real deal, then, but you should definitely put some stock by it.

As you can no doubt see, the GTA VI map appears to contain multiple towns, cities, and airports, along with a ton of other points of interest. It's all but confirmed at this point that the game takes place in Vice City, but the inclusion of airports does make us wonder if the rumours we can travel to other countries is true?

Previous Grand Theft Auto games feature airports and didn't let us go abroad of course, so we're probably just reading too much into it.

Twitter user JediNabber wrote: “So many city areas rather than just one, I love it,” while LukeDutchh added, “From comparisons that we’ve seen, I think it’s 3x the size of the old map. Not to mention this new map will have more detailed areas and not just a load of barren wasteland.”

Last we heard GTA VI is almost certainly on track to launch by March 2025 at the absolute latest, so we don't have much longer to wait.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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