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GTA 6 Online boycott started by fans following Rockstar cancellations

GTA 6 Online boycott started by fans following Rockstar cancellations

GTA fans have threatened to boycott the franchise after a leak confirmed that Rockstar Games cancelled eight GTA V DLCs.

Grand Theft Auto fans have threatened to boycott the franchise after a leak appeared to confirm that Rockstar Games cancelled eight single-player DLCs for Grand Theft Auto V.

It’s strange to think that we’ll soon be saying goodbye to GTA V. While, of course, it’s always there for us to go back to, its reigning era will officially draw to a close with the launch of GTA VI.

Fair to say, GTA V has served us well. It’s a tall order to pacify a fanbase for well over a decade but that’s most certainly what GTA V has done - and I need not mention its record-breaking sales.

If I had to fault GTA V, and I know I wouldn’t be alone in raising this, I’d draw attention to the fact that the game never received any single-player story DLCs, with Rockstar Games instead favouring the new GTA Online.

GTA Online has its draws, but it's a shame that its success came at the sacrifice of mainline single-player DLCs.

I hardly need to remind you of just how incredible GTA IV’s The Ballad of Gay Tony was.

It turns out though, there was a point in time when Rockstar Games was planning to launch eight single-player DLCs for GTA V.

ICYMI: Take a look at GTA VI’s trailer below.

This fact was discovered after a segment of GTA V’s source code leaked online, also revealing the once-existence of a PlayStation 2 GTA game set within Tokyo.

As reported by Insider Gaming, the leaked titles were: SP Assassination Pack, SP Manhunt Pack, SP Norman Pack, Agent Trevor, Relationship Pack, Enterprise Pack, Prologue DLC, and LibertyV DLC.

Naturally, you’d expect this news to cause disappointment amongst the fanbase. What we actually saw was widespread outrage, as pointed out by Dexerto.

“Rockstar Games will suffer for this,” wrote Twitter user a1yNe_.

Liberty V as the last single-player DLC and I’m seeing videos of some Online DLC with characters from IV. All of this was scrapped to shove the ideas in the stupid ass Online cause they sell a bazillion Shark Cards. I’m deff not touching VI [because] of this s**t,” added 0xJacket.

“Every single one of you is to blame for buying microtransactions in GTA Online. [Shaking my head]. What an utter shambles,” said another.

It’s unknown what will follow GTA Online when GTA VI is launched.

Let’s just hope that there’s room for GTA VI single-player DLC to exist too.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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