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GTA 6 marketing may have started with new Ultra Vice City video

GTA 6 marketing may have started with new Ultra Vice City video

GTA 6 fans were seemingly tricked into thinking a tease had arrived after an Ultra Vice City trailer was dropped by a music festival.

It’s time for another round of: Is this a genuine GTA VI tease, or are we looking at yet another opportunistic attention grab? I fear the latter, but you never know.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Rockstar Games remain silent on the status of GTA VI. We know that it’s coming, with rumours pointing towards a 2024 or 2025 release date. Last year, the studio was hit by a major cyber attack, during which over an hour’s worth of development footage was stolen and leaked online. Most of this was swiftly removed by Rockstar, but fans have spent several months compiling everything they know about the game based on the footage. A mock-up map has been produced, plus we have a pretty good idea about what the game’s Wanted system will look like. Today though, we turn our attention to the Ultra Music Festival which is held annually in Miami, Florida. They recently teased an Ultra Vice City trailer.

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Ultra Music Festival was held this year in Miami from 24 to 26 March. If you’re unfamiliar with the festival, each year, an Ultra Miami Aftermovie is released following the main event. It’s essentially a concert film that allows fans to relive the best moments of the festival. As reported by WeRaveYou, this year’s Aftermovie is slightly different though. It’s titled Ultra Vice City instead of using the typical Aftermovie title - and you can easily see why this quickly attracted the attention of GTA VI fans.

GTA’s Vice City is, of course, based on real life Miami. I fear that Ultra Music Festival may just be making the most of this fact to use the Vice City moniker to boost the hype and potential reception of their film. The film was released on 19 September and while many GTA fans tuned in hoping to see a GTA VI tease, it was as you’d expect: a music film recapping a festival.

It doesn’t appear that this is a genuine Rockstar arranged tease. Some have theorised that, despite the lack of a clear tease, Rockstar could have arranged the stunt simply to get people talking about Vice City. Personally though, I think this is nothing more than a grasped opportunity by the festival’s promoters.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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