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GTA 6 map size comparison leaves fans stunned

GTA 6 map size comparison leaves fans stunned

GTA 6's map is set to be much bigger than GTA 5's.

With eagle-eyed fans spending the last week going through each frame of the first Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, others have turned to other sources to work out how big Vice City will be for the modern age.

It almost marks a year until we can get ready for Grand Theft Auto VI but until then, we can look forward to even more trailers and of course, fan theories. One theory in question refers to how big we can expect the GTA VI map to be and it's rumoured to make Grand Theft Auto V’s San Andreas look minuscule in comparison.

Check out the official Grand Theft Auto VI trailer below!

Grand Theft Auto VI will be taking fans back to Vice City which we haven’t seen since Grand Theft Auto: Vice City back in 2002. As you can imagine, the Miami-inspired location has had quite the overhaul over the past 20 years and it seems as though Rockstar is eager to show even more of it off.

The comparison was made by one Reddit user on r/GTA6 who created a size comparison between GTA V and GTA VI’s maps.

“Here is a size comparison I made based off of DuPzOr's newest revision of the VI map from the coordinates provided in the videos,” they wrote. “The GTA V map is placed on the exact range of coordinates that it has in game and I have it placed accurately to about +- 50 units in each direction on X and Y.”

What follows is a whole lot of mathematical jargon that has gone over my head but put simply, it is rumoured that Grand Theft Auto VI’s map will be “over 2,300 rage units longer than GTA V’s map”.

However, it can be expected that Vice City will span even further, featuring neighbouring cities and environments.

With just one trailer under its belt, Rockstar is set to reveal even more about one of the most anticipated video games of all time next year. Is it too early to book time off?

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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