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GTA 6 map found hidden on official artwork

GTA 6 map found hidden on official artwork

Some Grand Theft Auto 6 fans think the game's official poster is hiding a map tease.

Oh, you thought the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer had been totally mined of teases and clues? You thought wrong, my friend. Somehow, fans have managed to find yet another potential map teaser.

It feels a disservice to call GTA VI the most hyped game of all-time. I’d say it’s one of the most-hyped pieces of entertainment across all mediums. We’ve all seen how the trailer has broken records left, right, and centre. Just think what’ll happen when those pre-orders go live. Speaking of pre-orders, scammers are taking advantage of excitable GTA VI fans so please do make sure you’re not purchasing or downloading anything promising to be the game or grant you access to it. Let’s hop back to that map. A week after fans thought they’d spotted the map in the trailer, others now think it’s been hiding under our noses in the official artwork all along.

ICYMI: Take a look at GTA VI in action below.

As posted by Twitter user PainkillerH2ø, if you zoom in on the building behind Jason and Lucia in the game’s poster, one of the rooms appears to have a framed image on the well which, yes, looks a lot like a map. The user wrote, “Rockstar Games is very clever. [...] If you zoom in, you will see a very pixelated map and if this is the size of GTA VI, it’s going to be very massive.” PainkillerH2ø then used AI to enhance the image. Take a look below.

Of course, there’s no guarantee this is the map. It could just be a piece of art a developer threw in the background of the poster without a second thought. Still, we cannot rule out that this is a teaser. Fans are split. “I don’t see a full map. If anything, it’s a small portion of the southeast corner or it’s a metro rail map,” wrote RealJeffC.

“Rockstar’s attention to detail literally never misses,” said an optimistic Ablirr_ while brakeedees said, “How is that the map? There’s perfect rectangles.” I have to admit, I too am a little dubious but it’s a fun theory.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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