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GTA 6: Project Americas map and teaser blows fans away

GTA 6: Project Americas map and teaser blows fans away

Mr Worldwide

There's an awful lot riding on GTA VI to deliver. More than Starfield, or The Elder Scrolls VI, I'd argue the next Grand Theft Auto is perhaps the most anticipated video game of all time. That's gotta bring an extra level of expectation.

We've all known there'd be a GTA VI since GTA V came out, but we only officially learned the game was in development back in February 2022. In that time we've had to deal with leaks, chaos, and fans rushing live events to demand to know where the game is.

Take a look at everything we currently know about GTA VI below!

One of the most persistent rumours - which has been all but confirmed by the leaks at this point - is that GTA VI will take players back to Vice City. However, it's also been suggested that the game will extend beyond Vice City, with multiple towns and cities. We may even go outside of America, crossing the border back and forth as we cart drugs and other naughty good between Mexico and Vice City.

This version of the game has been dubbed GTA VI: Project Americas by fans, and one talented gamer has actually used what we know (and have speculated) about the game so far to piece together a massive map with multiple islands and points of interest.

“Expanded Vice City?!” asked one fan.

“I hope if we get a Florida-based GTA we can get a fake Disney World or just some kind of massive corporate theme park. We don’t even need Orlando, just a big Florida theme park” another added.

“Every time some concept map comes out I can only dream because every single one looks amazing,” a third replied.

Last we heard GTA VI is looking increasingly likely to launch March 2025 at the absolute latest, so we don't have much longer to wait until we finally see the game in action. A reveal this year? Let's hope so.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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