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GTA 6 footage shows off game's unreal loading times in seamless character swap

GTA 6 footage shows off game's unreal loading times in seamless character swap

This is special

Leaked gameplay footage from GTA VI showing off the game's unreal loading times and seamless transitions between the main characters has fans super excited for the finished product.

GTA VI was officially announced as in development back in February 2022, and it was recently suggested we can expect the game no later than March 2025. Footage of an early build of the sequel made its way to the internet, confirming GTA VI is set in Vice City, and that one of its two playable characters is female - an overdue first for the series.

Here's everything we know about GTA VI!

One of the things I'm sure you're all familiar with having played GTA V to death over the last 10 years is how long the game took to load - especially on last-gen consoles.

While the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions have obviously gone some way towards improving this, most of us can recall booting up GTA V on PlayStation 4 before settling down for what felt like an eternity before it finally loaded in its massive open world.

Fortunately, GTA VI looks all set to avoid these lengthy loading times. We all know already the new-gen consoles are capable of some seriously quick loading times anyway, of course, but a newly surfaced piece of leaked footages shows just how seamless it could be in GTA VI.

The footage, which at the time of writing somehow hasn't been taken down yet, shows the game's two protagonists in a motel. We see the game switch from Lucia to Jason instantly, before Jason heads outside into the world.

GTA V allowed us to switch between three characters, but it absolutely wasn't seamless. It's also worth noting that Jason and Lucia are in the same room in the leaked footage, but the instant switch is still incredibly impressive and a really encouraging sign.

Even leaving aside the instant character swap, fans are just super excited by the in-game lightning and weather effects as Jason steps outside of the motel. And this is an in-development build, remember. Yeah, GTA VI is going to be something special.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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