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GTA 6's 'first screenshot' is blowing fans away

GTA 6's 'first screenshot' is blowing fans away

Grand Theft Auto 6 fans have been left seriously impressed by a leaked screenshot from the upcoming Rockstar Games title.

It may not feel like it but with each passing day, we edge closer towards a Grand Theft Auto VI reveal. It’s a moment that I think about quite often. There’s a certain chaotic energy that powers you when it comes to covering breaking news - I can only imagine that when it comes to something as anticipated as GTA VI, that chaos energy will be surging through me like never before.

In case you missed it, Rockstar Games was subject to a major cyber attack last year so we know that development on GTA VI is swimming along nicely. During the attack, over an hour of development footage was leaked online alongside source code and screenshots. Last week, we thought 50 Cent was gearing up to make a GTA VI related announcement but it instead appears as if the rapper is working on a Vice City-set TV show. One insider claims to know GTA VI’s planned launch window and now, a fresh screenshot from the game has appeared online - and it’s blowing fans away.

This incredible mod allows you to play as The Boys’ Homelander in GTA V.

As shared by Reddit user thetensedoctor, the screenshot shows a female playable character walking around a city suburb at night. To the left, stands a group sharing a late-night drink while the right side of the image appears to feature the back alley of a store and a parking lot. Looking at the characters used, it’s likely that these are test models - and there is a chance that this screenshot was obtained during last year's leak - but overall, the ‘first-look’ certainly boasts some impressive graphics.

User ToyotaSupraIsMyGF wrote, “Even by an unfinished game’s standards, these graphics are honestly some of the best I’ve ever seen,” while misunderstandingit added, “This game is going to be f**king insane.” Deathwire0047 wrote, “Finally! Night that’s actually dark,” and GarlicTrue1742 agreed, saying, “This is the best night time I’ve seen this far except RDR2. This game looks unbelievable even during the testing phase and better than 90% of the games out right now. Rockstar has outdone themselves yet again.” High praise, indeed.

Log-r declared, “Rockstar, you have really outdone yourselves with this digital environment, I must say.” The question is: who else is hyped already?

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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