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'GTA 6' Fans Go Into Meltdown After Rockstar Quietly Updates Website

'GTA 6' Fans Go Into Meltdown After Rockstar Quietly Updates Website

Rockstar be playing Games

Grand Theft Auto fans managed to whip themselves into a frenzy late last night after the official Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto V websites went dark for a few hours.

The two websites were quietly updated for seemingly innocent reasons, with what looked to be some brief downtime resulting in both going pitch black for a brief time. While normal service has resumed, GTA fans spent several hours wildly convincing themselves that something to do with GTA VI was on the way.

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As some fans were quick to point out, something very similar happened to various Rockstar-owned websites right before the reveal of GTA V. Numerous reports also suggest that the long-awaited sequel is finally set to be revealed at some point this year, meaning fans are extra twitchy any time Rockstar does anything.

Just in case you simply can't imagine what a pitch black screen looks like, you can check out a screenshot of what the downed website looked like courtesy of Rockstar Intel. We're assuming it's an actual screenshot, at least. For all we know Rockstar Intel just grabbed "Black Square" off Google Images.

While some tech-savvy fans were able to determine that the sites going down was deliberate and not an error, nobody has been able to find anything new hiding on either one just yet. For now, it seems, GTA VI fans are destined to remained starved for any real news.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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