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GTA 6's new 'car crash' screenshot has fans obsessed for all the wrong reasons

GTA 6's new 'car crash' screenshot has fans obsessed for all the wrong reasons

A supposed 'leaked' Grand Theft Auto 6 car crash screenshot has fans questioning its quality and legitimacy.

Grand Theft Auto VI may just be one of the most hotly anticipated games of all-time. A decade on from the release of GTA V and we’re still, officially, utterly in the dark when it comes to GTA VI. Of course unofficially, there have been a number of leaks.

Back in February 2022, Rockstar Games gave us a crumb of an update by simply confirming the existence of the game. That clearly didn’t come as much of a shock considering that GTA VI has reportedly been in the works for 10 years. Following a major cyber attack last year, we know that the next instalment in the series will feature Bonnie and Clyde style protagonists and is likely to be set in Vice City, although other locations have been teased including Cuba. In recent days, supposed ‘insiders’ have been teasing whopping file sizes but I’m dubious and would take such news with a pinch of salt. Now, a ‘car crash’ screenshot has nabbed everybody’s attention.

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Twitter user InfinityBesk seemingly tweeted two leaked GTA VI images, one of the game’s map and another of a car crashing. Rockstar Games quickly issued a takedown notice, but they only removed the left-side image of the map, prompting fans to theorise and wonder why the car crash image remains viewable even now. InfinityBesk tweeted, “In the GTA VI leaked ‘car crash’ test in literally just one frame, there the game loads even more of the city and Vice City seems to be a huge city area as expected. I can’t wait for this game.”

One user replied, “WTF, they literally took down only half this post,” while others questioned the quality: “Barely looks like GTA V quality.” If this is a real screengrab from GTA VI, it’s likely to be a developmental build, meaning the graphics will not reflect the final quality of the game.

Alternatively, some users pointed out that this could just be a heavily modded GTA V server, in which case it’s not a leak and Rockstar wouldn’t need to take it down. It’d certainly explain why only the left image was removed. As always, take all leaks with a pinch of salt.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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