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GTA 6's early 2025 release date may be even earlier than we expected

GTA 6's early 2025 release date may be even earlier than we expected

GTA 6's 2025 release window appears to have been narrowed down online.

Time may be passing a bit too quickly these days but when it comes to waiting for Grand Theft Auto VI, time couldn't get any slower. However, according to a recent report, we may not be waiting that much longer.

With our first look at the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI arriving in December 2023 in the form of a short trailer, it was not long before fans were desperate for more information and more specifically, a release date. However, with Rockstar only teasing a 2025 release window, it could still be a long time until it’s in our hands.

Check out the official Grand Theft Auto VI trailer below!

Now thanks to a leaked report that was recently shared on Twitter by that1detectiv3, Grand Theft Auto VI may be arriving a lot sooner than we first thought.

“The person who correctly predicted everything about the reveal trailer said that GTA VI will release in Q1 of 2025, likely January/February,” the Tweet reads. “Release dates are always volatile, but this plus Jason Schreier’s recent report has me convinced the game is releasing early next year.”

Although this rumour is worth taking with a pinch of salt, releasing one of the most-anticipated games of all time in Q1 of 2025 would be quite the beneficial move considering the start of the year is usually quiet on the game release front. However, many fans are questioning this leak with some believing that we would have seen more gameplay and trailers if it was set for full release that soon.

Regardless, with the Rockstar title reportedly in the later stages of development, we may just be surprised.

In related news, a new screenshot and gameplay from Grand Theft Auto VI recently leaked online despite Rockstar’s controversial move to force developers into the office five days a week to prevent such leaks. Oops.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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