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GTA 5 Liberty City update announced ahead of GTA 6 trailer

GTA 5 Liberty City update announced ahead of GTA 6 trailer

The upcoming GTA 5 update brings Liberty City nostalgia ahead of the GTA 6 trailer

It’s finally December, which can only mean one thing! No, not Christmas, you silly Billy. It means that at some point this month we’ll be treated to the first official GTA VI trailer.

Rockstar Games announced last month that the debut trailer for GTA VI will arrive in the coming weeks. However, until that trailer arrives and especially until the day comes when Grand Theft Auto VI is released, Rockstar Games will be milking GTA Online until the cows come home. GTA Online made its debut following the launch of GTA V in 2013 and it’s still going strong to this very day.

Check out the GTA V trailer below!

In celebration of Rockstar Games’ 25th anniversary, the latest major content update for GTA Online is on the way and it’s inspired by GTA III’s Liberty City. This major content update will bring bonus modes such as new vehicle heists, drift race contests as well as a plethora of car customisation options, new vehicles and much more.

Rockstar Games wants you to know that this is the season for stealing cars and making money, now that Liberty City real estate developer Yusuf Amir is back in town. So get ready to steal, strip and sell the most luxurious cars in the city to make mega money and continue your climb up the GTA criminal enterprise.

“Yusuf still lusts after the finer things in life — chief among them adding to his collection of luxury import vehicles by any means necessary,” reads the press release from Rockstar Games. “With the help of his cousin Jamal, you’ll be charged with planning and executing intricate, high-stakes robberies under the cover of Red’s Auto Parts, a new purchasable salvage yard where you’ll call the shots. Sell the best of the best to Yusuf or salvage your boosted vehicles for parts — the choice, and the cash, is yours.”

As for the drift races, drivers will be able to test their best Need for Speed skills with customised cars on brand-new circuits. What’s more, if you visit the join-up with the LS Car Meet, you might be able to acquire new cars with a wealth of customisation choices.

If you thought that this content was all we’re getting in the upcoming update, then think again. The update arriving this month will also bring the following new features and improvements for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S:

  • Wildlife comes to Freemode: animals now rove the Southern San Andreas landscape across GTA Online on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles
  • GTA+ Members will get access to The Vinewood Club Garage, a new vehicle storage facility with the capacity to hold 100 vehicles
  • PS5 and Xbox Series players will be able to organise and manage vehicle collections more conveniently via the Interaction Menu, moving them between garages with ease

We can also expect increased LS Car Meet Reputation points for events such as Pursuit and Street Races, the option of being able to purchase copies of another online player's Personal Vehicle, custom description tags for each floor of the Eclipse Boulevard Garage will be implemented, and voice chat on consoles will now be “off” by default. Oh, and all players will even be treated to a gift on their birthday. Happy days! Finally, Rockstar Games has teased even more content arriving this month including new music for the radio stations, Christmas-themed modes, new creator tools and more.

GTA V and GTA Online are out now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. As for Grand Theft Auto VI, it is expected to be released for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S sometime between 2024 and 2025.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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