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GTA 5 free download includes brand-new content

GTA 5 free download includes brand-new content

Update day!

GTA V and GTA Online really are the games that keep on giving, as much as some of us might not want them to.

While fans desperately await any crumb of news they can get their hands on regarding GTA VI (surely any day now, right?), Rockstar Games continues to toil away delivering substantial updates to GTA V's endlessly popular Online counterpart.

Earlier this month Rockstar dropped a massive San Andreas story expansion for GTA Online, and now the game is set to end the month with another free download - although one that isn't quite as substantial.

Check out the trailer for San Andreas Mercenaries below!

GTA Online's Independence Day update, available now, comes with a a free vehicle, free themed cosmetics, a brand-new dynamic event, and all manner of extra bonuses.

Starting now, players can grab the Vapid Liberator monster truck from Warstock Cache & Carry. You'll also be able to net the Stars & Stripes, Eagle Claw, Eagle Claw Flag, and Fighting Freedom liveries for the Mobile Operations Center.

Looking for something a bit more exciting? A new dynamic event, called simply Finders Keepers, should be what you're after.

As per the press release: "New this week, keep watch for gangs escorting goods across Los Santos and disrupt their supply chains. Take possession of any transport vehicles you come across and bring them to your owned businesses to replenish some of your Supplies. If you don’t own the prerequisite business, you can deliver the goods to a drop-off point for GTA$ and RP."

You can also earn twice the GTA$ and Rockstar Points on Hangar Sell missions until July 5, so if you're looking to make some big scores this would be the weekend to do it.

There are, of course, a huge number of other bonuses and events to get stuck into over the next few days. To find out more about everything coming to GTA Online as part of the new, free update, simply head on over to the Rockstar blog.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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