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GTA 5 fans discover heartbreaking detail 10 years after release

GTA 5 fans discover heartbreaking detail 10 years after release

A heartbreaking detail

When it wants to, GTA V can eschew the violence and adult content to bring some wonderful heartfelt moments. Just one such moment is being discovered years after release by players new and old.

The moment in question occurs in the GTA V's Los Santos cemetery where, every day, a small dog wanders in and keeps vigil at its owner's grave. If you want to see it for yourself, you can find the dog around 11am in-game time.

GTA V is still shedding its secrets even a decade after release.

This touching moment is based on the real life story of a dog, Bobby, that would visit his owner's grave for 14 years. Once Bobby died, he was buried just metres away from John Gray so that owner and doggo could stay close.

While this detail has been in the wild for a while, many players are just now discovering it. It's a very small easter egg after all. Among all the players astonished that they never knew this happened are those expressing joy at Rockstar Games for including this, over on Twitter: "The attention to detail is unbelievable," said one fan. "Man, this is heartbreaking," said another user. Then there are those who are speculating about how much detail we'll see in GTA VI.

One of the best comments has to be from a Twitter user called Sanjay who said, "Nah bro. Why would you put this on my feed? BRB, gonna go cry and hug my dog."

This detail was added as the story comes from Edinburgh, the home of Rockstar North which added a little touch of the developer's home city, a detail noticed by one Twitter user: "I love it when developers pay homage to their home." This feature is adorable and well worth seeing for yourself. Then go hug your dog.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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