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GTA 5 single-player DLC we've been dreaming of has finally surfaced

GTA 5 single-player DLC we've been dreaming of has finally surfaced

The worst mistake Rockstar ever made...

Even more details on the scrapped GTA V single-player expansion have appeared online, rubbing more salt into the wound following its cancellation.

I’d ask if Rockstar Games hates money, but given the lifetime sales of GTA V and all the microtransactions of GTA V: Online we all know that isn’t true.

Next year GTA VI will be all the rage, and you can check out the trailer for it below.

That’s why it’s such a surprise that the game never received any single-player expansions, despite them being planned and sounding incredible.

GTA IV had two single-player expansions, The Lost and Damned and the much larger Ballad of Gay Tony, meaning many were expecting the same treatment of GTA V.

One planned DLC would have followed Trevor being hired by the CIA, and new details on that expansion have appeared online.

The Twitter, or X, account GTAFocal recently shared a music track titled 'Clifford', which was written by Sweet Valley and shared the same codename as the cancelled expansion. When exactly this song would play during the game is a mystery, but it definitely has an action scene vibe to it.

Other details have surfaced from the actor for Trevor himself, Steven Ogg, who said he wasn’t asked to do any motion capture for the expansion, which eventually led to Rockstar Games simply never bringing it up again.

Nevertheless fans are hopeful that we’ll see Trevor return one day, and there’s been rumours of one, final, climatic update to mark the end of GTA V: Online that’ll reunite Trevor, Michael and Franklin for one last heist with our custom character.

Whether that happens or not is up to Rockstar Games, but given the sheer popularity of these characters and the hunger for more content involving them, it feels like a no-brainer for Rockstar to deliver us the goods.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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