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GTA 4 gets stunning new-gen remaster you can download free

GTA 4 gets stunning new-gen remaster you can download free

GTA 4 gets stunning new-gen remaster you can download free

Despite its popularity and dedicated fanbase, it is time to admit that Grand Theft Auto IV is considered a bit on the ancient side by today’s standard of video games.

Released back in 2008 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Grand Theft Auto IV told the story of Niko Bellic as he attempts to escape his past whilst under the pressure of some big dog criminals.

Check out the original Grand Theft Auto IV trailer below!

Set in a New York inspired Liberty City, the fourth instalment in the much-loved Rockstar action-adventure series was well loved by many and paved the way for future entries such as 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V and the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6.

However, with GTA IV speeding past its tenth anniversary, it is due for quite an upgrade but with Rockstar hard at work on the franchise’s next instalment, we may be waiting a while for something a bit better than Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy.

In the meantime, many creators have given us a sneak peek at what the game could look like on next-gen consoles, especially using the groundbreaking Unreal Engine 5. One creator in particular has combined a 4K map remaster with some spectacular ray tracing.

Youtuber Digital Dreams has brought GTA IV back into the spotlight by cranking up the graphics and showing us what Liberty City could look like by today’s standards.

In a video posted to their channel, we see just over 8-minutes of footage featuring the main character driving, walking and biking around a fictional New York. With reflections hitting the wet asphalt, towering skyscrapers glittering above and featuring the world’s shiniest car, it is beautiful to say the least.

It wasn’t long before fans commented with their opinions, with one saying: “That's how the game looks, as I perceived it back in the days…”

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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