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'God Of War' Remade In Unreal Engine 5 Is A Thing Of Beauty

'God Of War' Remade In Unreal Engine 5 Is A Thing Of Beauty

This recreation of 2005's God of War in Unreal Engine 5 is stunning.

God of War ​​Ragnarök finally has a release date. On 9 November, the next instalment of Kratos and Atreus’ journey will be ours to explore and unsurprisingly, we’re pretty hyped about it.

The latest trailer appears to suggest that Kratos will be teaming up with Fenrir, and we examined exactly what that could mean for the story. We also know that we’ll get to explore some of previously locked realms. Another theory suggests that the story could take us back to Greece, speaking of which, you’re going to want to check this new God of War fan-project out.

Before we continue, watch the latest God of War Ragnarök trailer to see Fenrir in action.

YouTuber and content creator TeaserPlay has reimagined 2005’s God of War in Unreal Engine 5 and the results are incredible. TeaserPlay added detail and interest to the original game’s rather simple Athens environments, and the Kratos and Zeus character models are extremely realistic. As a fan project, the teaser trailer obviously isn’t perfect but we can’t expect professional mo-cap level facial animations, can we?

Speaking about the trailer, TeaserPlay said, “In this video, we are going to imagine a God of War remake, a great nostalgic game that we need now in next gen graphics. We tried to use all the power and features of Unreal Engine 5 to recreate this such as Lumen, Nanite, Ray Tracing and Metahuman to create Kratos and Zeus’ faces. We tried to humanise Kratos' face as much as possible like in the 2018 version and also tried to bring the camera closer to the character. Hopefully, this video can give the overall picture of a possible remake and clarify the expectations of the fans from it for the developers.”

Fans shared their adoration for the fan creation. David Adamidis wrote, “Dear Santa Monica, make this happen,” whilst ModyPhantom said, “This makes me wish for an actual God of War series remaster.” At least we have one God of War fix on the horizon.

Featured Image Credit: TeaserPlay via YouTube

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