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'God Of War Ragnar​​ök' Is Forcing Other Devs To Move Their Games, Rumour Says

'God Of War Ragnar​​ök' Is Forcing Other Devs To Move Their Games, Rumour Says

Studios are so intimidated by Santa Monica Studios' God of War Ragnar​​ök that they're pulling their games' release dates.

We’ve come a long way, God of War fans. Earlier this year, we sat through showcase after showcase wondering when the release date for God of War Ragnar​​ök would drop but just like the beginning of Fimbulwinter, we knew the day was inevitable - and it came. God of War Ragnar​​ök will be ours to own on 9 November, but the release date may be causing other studios to rethink their plans.

Check out the latest cinematic trailer for God of War Ragnar​​ök below. Wondering who the wolf is? That’s Fenrir. He’s important.

As reported by ComicBook, developers are worried about going head-to-head with Santa Monica Studios’ game of the year contender so have been adapting their release dates. Industry insider Tim Gettys revealed this fact on the Kinda Funny podcast, noting that studios were “scared” of God of War Ragnar​​ök.

Gettys explained, “We’re getting to the interesting point of games being scared of God of War Ragnar​​ök. I’ve had business calls in the back end with people that have said things to me that I was just shocked by. Like, ‘Hey, we’re pulling out on this. We’re backing off on this. We’re just giving God of War its space.’ God of War Ragnar​​ök I think is kind of a game of its own in terms of hype and like with the expectations and how much it’s just going to control the narrative of the industry come November and come leading into it, and right after it. I can imagine a lot of people looking at the rest of the year as a wash.”

Gettys doesn’t mention specifics but we know that Forspoken and Midnight Suns have already been delayed, although this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s due to Ragnar​​ök. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Gotham Knights are still due to release shortly before Ragnar​​ök in October. It’ll be interesting to see if Ubisoft adapts Skull & Bones 8 November release date. Stiff competition.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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